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Silk Road Powertoys

Silk Road Powertoys brings you tools, samples, and best practices with which you can tap the power of the Live Search API (see to deliver the focused content you and your customers want.

The initial PowerToy consists of sample code that demonstrates the ease with which a developer can create a control that takes advantage of Live Search API capabilities, as well as the ease with which such a control can be deployed on a page.
This project came to life thanks to the effort of Mauro Regio that detailed the genesis of this idea in his blog
You can see an example of such a control in the Washington on the Web section in the lower right of this outdoor-recreation-website-in-progress. The control plays a slideshow based on images returned from a query sent to the API's Image SourceType . The control is written in C#, and the aspx page can be set up at design time to use the ImageRequest.Filters Property to filter the images based on query term, size, color and style.

To get started, click the Source Code tab and download the latest Change Set.

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